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Service charge for inspection and repair.

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Home Appliance Repairs Service

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Stuck in a loop of home appliance repairing services? Try Repairing House!

Home appliances are here to make our lives easier in different ways. There are so many home appliances in our house that we use in our day-to-day lives. These are in our lives to make us do the daily chores easily without any fuss. This is the reason why we have so many home appliances in our house to sort our lives. ...

There are some home appliances like refrigerators, ACs, TVs, chimneys, geysers, toasters, ovens, washing machines, etc. that most urban houses have. These are one-time investments that last someone for at least 10-15 years. But, there is also a catch. Since these are machines, they need regular maintenance, repair, and servicing from time to time.

Hence, we are suggesting one of the best places for Home Appliance Repairing Service in Najafgarh Delhi and that is. the Repairing House. We are the best home appliance Repairing Service in Najafgarh, Delhi for a lot of reasons. The prime reason is that we offer these services at the most affordable rates. You might find someone offering such services at this rate but the quality of services is not like us.

The home appliance repairing services at the Repairing House starts from Rs 199 in which we will visit your house and check your home appliances for any kind of default and basic ones will be repaired as well.

Our professionals will repair all kinds of home appliances like ACs, TVs, chimneys, geysers, and more. Also, we repair home appliances of all brands that are available in the Indian market. Calling professionals form the Repairing House is very simple. To call professionals for home appliance repair in your house through the Repairing House, you have to book an appointment on our platform. You will be given an appointment at the nearest time when our professionals can reach your place. At your convenience, you can book the time of the appointment and at that desired time, our professionals will reach you. Booking an appointment through our website is very simple. You can either call us or you can book an appointment through our website.

The best place to get your home appliances serviced in Najafgarh, Delhi is the Repairing House. We can come to your house and do the servicing of the appliances right in front of you. We can also do the deep cleaning of your appliances, do the repairing, and also do the regular servicing if required. Check out the Repairing House’s website for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The charges for home appliance Repairing Service in Najafgarh Delhi at the Repairing House are extremely affordable. Our service charge starts from Rs 199 for most of the home appliances. In this charge, we will visit your house and do the minor services. For in-depth services, our charges are Rs 399 and above.

Yes, you can totally trust us because we have been in this industry for the last 10 years. We have only been working with professionals who have expertise in their skills for a decade. So, if our charges are low, it doesn’t mean our services are not worth it. We have served thousands of happy customers in these years.

The best place that you should consider for home appliance Repairing Service in Najafgarh Delhi is the Repairing House. We are the best because of our affordable charges, our team of professionals, and the fact that we come to your house for repair.

It is very simple. You just have to visit our website which is repairinghouse.com and select the service of your choice. Once you have selected the service, you need to book that and pay online for it. Give us your address and calling number and we will take it forward from there. You will have to let us know which home appliance repairing service are you looking for.

We offer affordable services in home appliance repairs which is a guarantee in itself. Along with that we also offer a 90-day warranty on spare parts & 30-day warranty on service. We are here for our customers. In case, we have used any spare parts in any of your home appliances then we would give a warranty on it for 90 days which means if any defect arises in it, we can replace it free of cost within this period.

Yes, at the Repairing House, we repair all kinds of washing machines be it old, new, semi-automatic, fully automatic, smart, and every type of it. This is our forte. You do not have to worry about the type of washing machine you have. We are here to serve it all.