LED TV Repair Service & Maintenance Plans in Delhi NCR

Clean the screen and exterior gently using a soft cloth and mild cleaner.

Check and install software updates regularly.

Inspect and replace damaged cables.

Cleaning of the area post service.

Internal cleaning to avoid voiding the warranty and risks.

Service charge for inspection and repair.

Service charge for installing any spare part, if required.

Cost of spare parts not covered.

Choose an appropriate location with proper ventilation.

Attach the TV to a stable wall mount or place it on a sturdy stand.

Connect all necessary cables, such as power and HDMI.

Power on the TV and follow the on-screen setup instructions.

Power off and unplug the TV from the electrical outlet.

Disconnect all cables, including power and HDMI.

Remove the TV from the wall mount or stand carefully.

Store the TV in a safe and secure location, or prepare it for transportation if needed.

LED TV Repairs Service

99-day warranty on spare parts

Safe & hassle-free LED TV repair service at home

High-quality LED TV servicing by qualified service engineers

30-day warranty on service

Are some defects in your LED TV messing with your 'me time'? Get it fixed asap by Repairing House

Having a fin, good looking, and the latest TV is the dream for sure! When you complete the day’s work, all you want to do is snuggle on your bed and watch your favourite shows and have the most perfect end to your day. Right? A nice TV is a must-have in every household in that case. But, what about when your LED TVs start giving you a hard time? Even minor issues give a headache. So, if you are facing issues with your LED TVs then you can consult the Repairing House.

1. No Sound or Sound Defects
  • If your TV is having some sound defects or if no sound is coming from your TV, your TV is just a piece of the box showing visuals. This needs to be solved asap because this issue can be major. First of all, check the volumes and the mute button. If all of those are fine, you need to check the USB ports. Most of the LED and smart TVs work with USB ports. So, if you are watching shows on your TV from the USB port, you can try using other sources. If this is the issue, there is an issue with the TV USB port.
  • Another thing could be to restart your TV by unplugging it from all modes. Shut it off completely and then turn it on. Minor glitches can be solved in this way.
  • If still the problem persists, you can try to connect an external speaker to the HDMI output for eARC-compatible devices or audio output jacks. If the speaker is working and the sound is coming through the speaker, then there is an issue with the internal speakers of the TV that needs to be fixed by the technicians. ...
  • TVs have inbuilt amplifiers and if none of the ideas are working then it means that the amplifier of the TV has gone bad. For this, you will need to call a qualified maintenance specialist to replace the damaged audio IC chip.
2. No Picture on the Screen
  • Many a time, the sound works properly on the TV but the picture has disappeared. In this case, the display has taken a U-turn to give you trouble. If this is the first time you are facing this, you can unplug your TV and restart it again. Sometimes, if there are minor issues, they can be solved by this tactic.
  • Mostly, in such cases, the picture tube of the TV gets hampered. That can only be fixed by professionals as they can either fix or replace the picture tube. Another reason for this could be the damage to the capacitor which can also be fixed only by professionals.
3. TV Screen having horizontal lines when starting
  • Many a time when the LED TVs get old then one problem starts persisting on them and that is the appearance of the green or black horizontal lines when you switch on the TV. The problem is usually associated with set-top boxes. It is because many set-top boxes can only churn out a low input signal but the LED TVs need a high input signal to display correctly. In this case, you need to switch to the HD set-top box.
4. Colour Disproportion on the Display
  • Display getting hampered is one of the most common issues faced by TVs. If your TV is facing a problem where the colours of the TV are showing incorrectly or the entire colour has gone black and white, then this can also be the issue with the picture tube or the colour tube of the TV. Sometimes, this is a minor glitch. You can restart or reboot your TV and that would solve the issue. Many a time, this problem persists for around 2 to 5 minutes when you start the TV and it comes back to the original after that. But, in both these cases you cannot ignore the issue and live with it. You must call a technician and get it fixed on time before the problem gets worse.
  • If the problem does not get fixed then you must call a technician and get that checked. If there is a disturbance in the picture tube then that also can be fixed by the technician only. You can call the professionals from the Repairing House and they can check your LED TV to see what the issue is. They will examine and fix the issue.
5. LED TV not connecting to Wi-Fi
  • The smart TVs and the LED TVs need to connect to Wi-Fi because modern families use the internet to watch content on the LED TVs. But, if your TV is not getting connected to the Wi-Fi then you need to sort this issue soon or else you will not be able to use your TV to watch anything. Before we talk about the issues, let us tell you that this is one of the most common issues faced by LED TVs.
  • The most common thing to check out is if your Wi-Fi router is working or not. Try to connect your phone or laptop with Wi-Fi, if those are connecting to the internet, then nothing is wrong with the Wi-Fi router. But, if none of them are getting connected then the problem is with the router.
  • Just disconnect and restart your TV and the Wi-Fi router and see if that solves your problem. If not, you will need to call either the Wi-Fi router technician or the TV engineer to check this.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer LED TV Repair services from the Repairing House for all the TV brands from Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Bosch, Videocon, and all the leading AC brands.

We provide LED TV services in Delhi in most areas like Dwarka, Karol Bagh, Lajpat Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, Pitampura, Uttam Nagar, Vasant Kunj, Nehru Place, GK (Greater Kailash), R K Puram, Rohini, Punjabi Bagh, Paschim Vihar, Janakpuri, Vikaspuri, Rajouri Garden, Okhla, Saket, Hauz Khas, Patel Nagar, South Ex, Model Town, Noida, Gurugram/Gurgaon, Ghaziabad. Contact us if you want to find out whether we service your area.

You can book LED TV repair services from the Repairing House at any time of the day as you want. Our website is always open and running. We will get back to you in business hours as soon as possible.

The LED TV repairing or servicing charges at the Repairing House starts from Rs 199. At this price, the engineers from our team will visit your house and check your TV. They will examine the defect and let you know. They will do basic servicing at this price.

Yes, that is our USP. Our engineers will visit your house, examine your TV, find out the fault and if there are some parts of the TV that need to be replaced then we will replace them with the original parts only. We also offer a warranty on the original products. We offer a 30-day warranty on the servicing and a 90-day warranty on the products.