Water Dispenser Repair Service & Maintenance Plans in Delhi NCR

Clean exterior and dispensing area.

Replace filters regularly.

Descale hot water reservoir if applicable.

Check for leaks and address promptly.

Service charge for inspection and repair.

Service charge for installing any spare part, if required.

Cost of spare parts not covered.

Choose a suitable location near a water source and power outlet.

Install any required filters according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Connect the water dispenser to the water source using the provided hose or connection.

Plug in the dispenser and switch it on to start dispensing water.

Power off and unplug the water dispenser.

Disconnect the dispenser from the water source by removing the hose or connection.

If applicable, remove and properly dispose of any used filters.

Carefully move and store the water dispenser in a safe location.

Water Dispenser Repairs Service

99-day warranty on spare parts

Safe & hassle-free Water Dispenser repair service at home

High-quality Water Dispenser servicing by qualified service engineers

30-day warranty on service

Is your water dispenser not giving you nice water? Get it fixed from the Repairing House.

A water dispenser can be a boon on scorching hot summer days when you instantly want to gulp glasses of cold water. But, what if the dispenser is hampered because of some reason? The same boon can disturb you to the fullest. So, if you have a water dispenser in your house, you must keep it regularly maintained and get its servicing done every year. Here, we discuss some of the most common issues faced by the water dispenser.

1. Wrong Water Temperature

We use a water dispenser with certain fixed temperatures. In the cold, we obviously set it to high temperatures for hot water and vice versa in the summers. This is the main reason why we have water dispensers in the first place. But, if the water dispenser is not heating and cooling right then that is a major issue with it. There is a turn on the heating/cooling feature on the back of the appliance, make sure to see if that is on and working. If all is fine here, then there are chances that the dispenser’s coils have gone dirty. So, clean it and make sure that you’ve taken the power plugs out. If this also does not work then you will need to call a technician to sort this out. The technicians from the Repairing House will help you with that. Call us or book an appointment from our website right away if you are facing these issues. ...

2. Unpleasant Taste of Water

One of the worst nightmares you can have related to your water dispenser is the unpleasant taste coming out of it. In this case, you need to clean the dispenser. Once the dispenser is cleaned, the taste of the water might get back to normal. You just need to clean it with water mixed with a little dishwashing liquid. Clean the tank, debris, and make sure to wipe off all the soap nicely. If this is not the reason for the unpleasant taste of water then a professional can examine the problem and fix it.

3. Water Leakage

Water appliances can surely have this issue that is water leakage. As the dispenser keeps getting old, the leakage of water is something common and persistent. The main reason could be improper installation if you have a new water dispenser. So, make sure to get that fixed. If this is not the case then you have to check the back valve of the dispenser. They need to be screwed tightly and must be shut, if not, this means that water leakage could be because of this. Check this and if this does not solve the issue then you might be having a faulty valve that needs to be checked by a technician. The best water dispenser service in Delhi is the Repairing House.

4. Water Density Issues

It simply means that the water dispenser is not able to dispense enough water or a good amount of water is not getting poured out. If the faucet of the dispenser is dispensing very little water then that could be because of the clogged faucet. You can unclog the faucet by cleaning it. You can do this yourself. This also ensures that you must always see cleaning the faucet and the entire dispenser from time to time. If this is not the case or if you always keep cleaning the faucet and still the water density is low while pouring then the issue could be because of the trapped air in the dispenser. In this case, you can take someone’s help in removing the bottle from the dispenser and press both the taps together as the bottle is put back on again. This will surely remove the excess air that is trapped in the dispenser’s system. If you cannot solve these issues by yourself then you will need to call a professional and they will help you. Engineers from the Repairing House can help you fix this all.

5. Water not dispensing at all
  • Okay, water pouring a little is irritating but water not being poured out at all is damn serious and irritating. You cannot do with this issue and you cannot keep living with this. If the water dispenser is not dispensing water at all, then the first thing that you have to do is check the on/off button of the dispenser. Other than this, you will have to check the electricity. If not either of these, then there could also be some issue related to the water supply through your mains. You will surely need to call a technician who will check the entire process and will let you know about the fault. The servicing can be done as per that.
  • Call the professionals from the Repairing House simply to sort all of these issues. All you have to do is visit our website and make an appointment for the service you want. Once you do that, we will send engineers to your place to examine the appliance you have called in for. In this case, the technicians from our team will visit your house and examine the water dispenser at the basic visiting and servicing charges and will notify you of the exact fault that can be worked on as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

The water dispenser repairing or servicing charges at the Repairing House starts from Rs 199. At this price, the engineers from our team will visit your house and check your dispenser. They will examine the defect and let you know. They will do basic servicing at this price.

It is very simple. You just have to visit our website which is repairinghouse.com and select the service of your choice. Once you have selected the service, you need to book that and pay online for it. Give us your address and calling number and we will take it forward from there.

Yes, the Repairing House is the best water dispenser servicing in the Delhi NCR region. You can check our testimonials and also book us once and you will see it for yourself.

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